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Draft pick your NFL alliance!


Get a draft pick now!


When you join an alliance, you are signing up to have your favorite team to be drafted for our marketing sweepstakes.


Here is how it works?

We offer members our tools to help them win more! We are already marketing our sweepstakes for Monday nights NFL football games with a chance to win cash prizes weekly.
Our newest goal is to start marketing giveaways for all the Thursdays night NFL games as well. Our clubs are starting from ground floor with fun loving football fans much like yourself.
One yearly entertainment ticket cost less then the price of 2 cans of beer purchased monthly. Our Gold members can earn free memberships!

We offer these special growth opportunities for a selected few with many incentives and different potentials of growths. With your help our goals are to grow into 32 NFL markets. Memberships invites can come from all football markets.

(Examples) you could win $500 per quarter per game piece. That's one first quarter of play, plus x4 total opportunity each game piece. If you average only 1x win each quarter from every sweepstakes game piece, that could become $17,000 in real cash winnings yearly! We are talking about collecting up-to 16 different Alliance memberships, and entering 32 total giveaways as an invite. Remember each NFL team always have a game both Mondays & Thursdays! Now you have a chance to win alongside your favorite teams! Did you join a club late in the season? Don't forget to enter our playoffs or Superbowl sweepstakes!


By joining a club, you are sending a message that your team deserves a marketing sweepstakes as part of our marketing tools to those of that particular Alliance. 

Why Club Alliance memberships for a game piece entree?

Cost is a real factor when deciding a choice. Their is an average cost of $3 for each certified tracking mail -in for all 17 games of Monday nights NFL games. We are talking $54 without guaranteed live football events due to mail backs of each game piece and that doesn't include cost of Thursdays night games. As members of the Club Alliance you'll get up to 2 invites of entertainment for a Monday and Thursday night NFL game. So don't delay your membership. It takes time to grow an organization. NFL Football season is always around the corner.


As a member of the alliance, you don't have to worry about time lines of your NFL sports 17 weekly sweepstakes game piece and opportunity for the entire NFL season!

Thanks for your support