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Five easy steps for club training






We have five easy steps for you to follow


Step1. If you have a sponsorship’s Business Card, take a phone photo of it and keep this information as a personal email folder file..


Step 2.  Keep all your future recruitment Business Cards and images in your personal folder files.


Step 3. Make your new Business Card just like link below. Make sure that you follow all directions on your Business Card before you start handing them out. Club Members use only!

Step 4. Go to Office Depot and make some Business Cards today. Always send your copy first completed Business card back to your up-line sponsorship by email. He/she will keep a copy on file as well.


Step 5. We will credit you +1 for having a sponsorship. You’ll also get another +1 yourself for just having a sponsor. If you sponsor 8 Ticket sales and they renew a membership, then maybe you'll met our Club first goal as a Silver Club member. Remember you get credit for a total of 10renewals.


Lets talk about Business cards..


This is by far the most powerful kind of advertising you can ever get your hands on. They come across as personal invites to many. People love business cards.. They let you come to their place of business and let you set them on common areas for other people to pick up.

When you hand them out to people they keep them like souvenirs..


That's right people collect them. If you are single and looking for an excuse to meet and greet someone special then they make for innocent conversation as well. You see we are a dating club as well. We should charge you $30 monthly or $340 for this service like so many other dating sites that claim they have a better way to meet people! By the way we just saved you money. Footballpoolclub pays for its self in wasted dating fees.


"The most powerful thing I love about them is how discreet they are in your pockets"


That's right.. They are not easily noticeable buy any other person but the individual you're trying to contact. I once past out 500 party invites at a club by using my specialty ad business cards. It was so easy to walk around the club handing them out to everybody I could see. Even security at the club had no idea, because people love business cards. They keep them and they never hit the ground like wasted flyers. Even the laddies put them in their pockets fellas. 

"The cards are made very sturdy"


All I had to do is slide the cards onto the rubber seal and glass Window of the driver side of the vehicle. When you look back, you don't notice anything on any of cars, but the owner will notice and put it inside their car because everybody loves business cards!

Let talk about social media!

This is where you can potentially grow fast. Evey new member should automatically"share the main website page" on your social media pages. Be sure to add your Club Business Card as one of your main image of any article you have to say. (example) "Hey guys.. check out this cool new Football Club and join today and win money watching Football"     

 We have a system that is designed for club sponsorship success. The other thing you can do is add your business card up on your profile images. If any new members follow any of your steps then they will also follow our 5 Easy Steps listed.


Even if you are new and do not yet have an up-line sponsor, don't worry because if you run across some else membership, or if you sponsor someone yourself, that person just became your sponsorship as well. simply exchange Business!

Because we are a seasonal club, we expect 2 year members to voluntarily renew their membership during our football sign up period! That time line is right after which ever NFL teams have made it into the Super Bowl.


Their are 2 weeks or 10 business days before the Super Bowl starts each year. By having the renewals at this time, many won’t forget to renew, and risk losing recruitment credits. Remember its Voluntary!


Right after Super bowl Sunday we beginning of our recruitment period for the next up coming season. The sooner people learn about our club, the more invites they can receive for free.


Our real goals are to turn some of the members into Gold. The opportunities are unlimited. Not only do you earn life time memberships for free, but you can receive invites for as many as NFL all teams market for free..



We will confirm the details and credit you for any set of 10 renewals from any down-line. We will also offer you a free entertainment membership for next sign up period. All members are responsible for their own down line. We get involved to confirm your sets of 10 renewals after each Super Bowl year. We will also contact your sponsorship to let them know if they become a

"Gold Club member!" 

9,0,1,2,3,4,5,6,7 V(8) vs H(6) 7,8,9,0,1,2,3,4,5
Visitor Team and Home Team
winning results below
NFL Monday week#1 Date 12/25/17
(A33) (M90) (X2) (K23)
1st    2nd    3rd    4th

We have the first and only verifiable sweepstakes system in America!
It's a simple concept. We us a pick3 drawing system that doesn't in anyway helps decide any winners of any cash prize giveaways, however It does legitimizes how the Home Team and Visitor Team is compared on the game board while watching the live football event and score that does determined all winnings.

Future club members are highly recommended to Pre Register for our sweepstakes before joining a club. Pre Register Is not an official entree into any giveaways by state law. However, with your acceptance of our invites you can receive up to 17 invites for every seasonal year, and that is the our goals!  Monday night NFL game will be marketed where their isn't enough alliance participants for a regular NFL Sunday/ Thursday game in that region. We are talking up to 17 game pieces if you choose to Opt out of free mail-ins, in accordance to the official entree rules see link below.     

footballpoolclubsweepstakes/ official/rules/play All rights reserved by Copyright © 2010-2011, FBPC INC. ®TM

          Subject: Send me invites! My Full name is? Home Address? Phone? I am age 18/older at: footballpoolclubfreegame@

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Five easy steps for club training
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