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Do you love watching "Shark Tank"

I do, and one of the things I've come to realize about watching that show, is how often people make a vast improvement on an old or broken idea. The key to any successful service and marketing concept is that you have a service that other people desire to share! Sweepstakes can very much become desirable to many, specially if it become associated with sports! And unlike gambling there is no expectation of wagering just to enter and win... Wow!

 The fact that the odds of winning is 1/100 that might change everybody's concept of our

marketing giveaways. That's right!

We are America's first verifiable sweepstakes system.. Wow!
So now.. don't miss out on the next big wave. Tell your friends about our incredible football club memberships, and buy a ticket!

We offer members our tools to help them win more! We are already marketing our sweepstakes for Monday nights NFL football games with a chance to win cash prizes weekly.
Our newest goal is to start marketing giveaways for all the Thursdays night NFL games as well. Our clubs are starting from ground floor with fun loving football fans much like yourself.
One yearly entertainment ticket cost less then the price of 2 cans of beer purchased monthly. Our Gold members can earn free memberships!

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