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Weekly News Letter




Welcome to our recruitment News Letter


I first want to thank you for taking part in this news letter. We send this out to our hopeful new comers weekly in hope that they feel a greater part of our alliance of football fan Club. At FootBallPoolClub we favor all the alliances you personally love to join while winning and watching NFL football. All we can ever ask of you is to join one or more alliances today! Our goals are simple. Entertainment and Growth!



A little bit about the brains behind FootBallPoolClub.


Do you remember multi level marketing concepts in the early 90s? What I hated the most about marketing, was how hard it was to get others involve in something I didn’t believe in. It  made me feel like a slimy salesmen.


Why keep purchasing stuff you don't believe other will want to keep buying over the long run. Now ask yourself a question. What about a service? What if we can come together and market a service that may last a life time?


We can service a football fan clubs.. wow! Now everybody can have an equal chance at growth while getting others involve, with something they can all truly believe in, and that's their favorite team! Do I need to say more?


"We are on to something big"

All 50 states allows a sponsor to do giveaways as long as it allows for free entry and have same odds of winning. It doesn't matter if the service is connected to the marketing anymore then that which isn't connected to marketing. All can participate the same manner as purchasing a candy bar, and became an instant winner of that sweepstakes that allows for free mail-in entree for those who choose not to purchase a candy bar!


We only offer invites to our members of the alliance club. But for all others may freely drink water from the hydrant. live entertainment events out shines those who drinking freely.

This is our candy bar!

It tastes much better than mail-ins. And so here we are! I'm asking you to join the football alliance and go on this great opportunity to grow with FootBallPoolClub.

We have a very sound concept that all new comers will fully understand and want to join. Why not win big from this great idea? We have many trade secrets. One of our secrets i am about to share today. Be part of something very special in your life today and join an alliance!


Because this is a ground floor opportunity. We're offering to build your organizations "UP and down line". This is how its works. When you complete our 5 easy step program we will help provide a sponsorship for your up line. We create a sponsorship "HOT LINE" for a limited time for new comers only. Send us a copy attached image of one of your new clubs business card to: 

We will forward your Club Business Card to the next available club member that also participate in this same program . That's right! You are using our new and exciting website and its ad power campaign for a free for over the next 6 months. Take advantage of this once in a life time golden opportunity to build your team at our company cost..  



In the last 7 days and 5 hours and counting we have over 55 new comers interested in becoming the next alliance club members. I'm am sending this news letter that will prove that our marketing can work for you too. Lets work together and get this club up and running. I have altered some very important emails listed below.

look for your very own altered mail address. Now.. see all those other altered email addresses.

Each one of these emails represents a real person who just got this same welcome to FootBallPoolClub news letter today! 


marobey@ 12 Jan 2018 dome@ 11 Jan 2018 padmajbala@ 11 Jan 2018 pigannon@ 11 Jan 2018 jlastarria@ 11 Jan 2018 robinwilker@ 11 Jan 2018 nopacts@ 11 Jan 2018 stephentucker@ 11 Jan 2018 @ 11 Jan 2018 @ 11 Jan 2018 @ 11 Jan 2018 waxart@ 11 Jan 2018 pmpedrick@ 11 Jan 2018 dmr@ 11 Jan 2018 mgarcia@ 11 Jan 2018 douglasnathanie158@ 11 Jan 2018 serinaprice@ 11 Jan 2018 jferrer@ 11 Jan 2018bassb8s@ 11 Jan 2018 dan_beane@11 Jan 2018 alepper@ 10 Jan 2018 luciec23@ 09 Jan 2018 doctorb6@ 09 Jan 2018 nikielopez@ 09 Jan 2018 livefromlidj@ 09 Jan 2018 nsenz@ 09 Jan 2018 howellerica@ 09 Jan 2018 tomcat0214@ 09 Jan 2018 daniel.d.martin@ 09 Jan 2018 ash_bee210@ 09 Jan 2018 mackperkins@ 09 Jan 2018 ronsbud630@ 09 Jan 2018 jdcampbell91@ 09 Jan 2018 jeremiahmohr@ 09 Jan 2018 lauraesanchez@ 09 Jan 2018 mary.schleinschok@ 09 Jan 2018 lmc1978@ 09 Jan 2018 venomwolfzero@ 09 Jan 2018 marioandolina@ 09 Jan 2018 diggins@ 09 Jan 2018 clw7834@ 09 Jan 2018 bbutter@ 09 Jan 2018 sarafeldman@ 08 Jan 2018 jeffhopper321@ 07 Jan 2018 pamschewe@ 07 Jan 2018 akihen@ 07 Jan 2018 development@ 07 Jan 2018 farrelly93@ 07 Jan 2018 greatonezach07@ 07 Jan 2018 vmcdaniel@ 07 Jan 2018 fjc1872@ 07 Jan 2018 srafizadeh@ 07 Jan 2018 jbarnes1393@ 07 Jan 2018 kerri@ 07 Jan 2018 brianm@ 05 Jan 2018 coachsnow@ 05 Jan 2018 wbearw@ 05 Jan 2018 sjohnson624@ 05 Jan 2018 chavespjc@ 05 Jan 2018 stucohen@bellsouth 05 Jan 2018 matt@ 05 Jan 2018 patrick.bartek@ 05 Jan 2018 cariebum@ 05 Jan 2018 kulukian@ 05 Jan 2018 sstirling13@ 05 Jan 2018 jalenlackey2@ 05 Jan 2018 candpodaly@ 05 Jan 2018 nicholas.groff@ 05 Jan 2018 jenn91506@ 05 Jan 2018


I want each of you to think to yourself.

"together we can all can make each others football fan club dream a reality today"


Now just thinks about this.. We are headed well over 300 possible new members receiving this News Letter over the next 30 days, and the 2018 football season doesn't even start again for another 7 months from now. So.. this is what I need from this recruitment class today.


"Make a commitment to pick your favorite NFL fan club today"

follow our 5 steps training plan. We will personally use this marketing to help build your down line into the next generation.

This is what our alliance do for each other.

We work as a team together!


This is a ground floor opportunity. For just $59 dollars, you are get the main website building your down-line every off season!


As long as you are a member of the elite we will use every available tool to market your success together! Just think about what I'm telling you.. Don't doubt your selves and do nothing. 



Some people will never finish at the top because they fail understand something unique and how this type of marketing could change their lives!

Sports sweepstakes is here to stay..

Simply put... we only need "100 Members” to market our "Monday Nights NFL” games for this entire season year..


Get locked-in with our builder system provided by FootBallPoolClub



Which generation of class mates do you believe have the very best chance of producing Gold members?


What's going to happen when someone becomes winners of our sweepstakes and see those checks in the mail? 

How many is going to tell a friend?


Do not let a $59.99 membership stand between your growths of becoming the next Gold member!


Click the link below and get real a exclusive Gold member!  training by FootBallPoolClub!


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Weekly News Letter
By Vp Franks